ASBIS Slovakia was named “Value Added Distributor of the Year 2016” based on the results of the Channel World magazine’ survey

ASBIS becomes “Value Added Distributor of the Year” in Slovakia

ASBIS Slovakia, a subsidiary of ASBISC Enterprises PLC (WSE: ASB), has secured the premier place in the “Value Added Distributor of the Year” nomination, based on the survey conducted in Slovakia by Channel World magazine from IDG publishing, which collected data from September 2016 to January 2017.

The top performing ICT distributors and manufacturers of the year 2016 were chosen during the survey. Over 1,400 representatives from more than 1,100 companies took part in the online survey and 304 respondents from 274 companies – in the qualitative survey. Methodological guarantor of the survey results processing was the research company IDC.

The winners were honored during the 10th season of the annual Channel World Awards in February 2017.  

“In the 10th season of this award, the voting methodology was changed significantly. In order to reach the deeper insight into ICT resellers’ preferences and improve the quality of the VAD channel assessment, we transformed the voting into more detailed survey,” said Jan Mazal, editor-in-chief at Channel World magazine.

“ASBIS Slovakia is proud to receive this recognition from the channel. At the same time, we welcome the idea of detailed survey, which are illustrative of the opinions and needs of our business partners. We were glad to participate in this survey and appreciate the quality of the data we received,” said Pavol Holeczy, Marketing Director at ASBIS Slovakia.

ASBIS Slovakia took the lead in two nominations: the first place in the “Value Added Distributor of the Year 2016” and ranked among the top 5 “Broadline Distributors of the Year 2016”. In the latter nomination, resellers had the opportunity to choose the best from among ICT distributors in Slovakia, in the categories: “portfolio”, “communication”, and “online B2B”. 


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