ASBIS Received Award from PQI for Outstanding Business Results

ASBIS Group, a leading supplier of computer components to the EMEA emerging markets, received the award for outstanding business results in the year 2005 from PQI Company, one of the largest memory module manufacturers in the world.

ASBIS Received Award from PQI for Outstanding Business ResultsPQI presented an award to ASBIS Group in recognition of ASBIS’ outstanding achievements in the distribution of PQI memory and flash products. The award was presented by PQI President Ms. Jance Lu to ASBIS managers at Cebit 2006 show in Hannover, Germany.

ASBIS and PQI have been partners since 1999. ASBIS distributes PQI products almost in every country of its wide geographic coverage including Eastern Europe and Former Soviet Union. In recent years ASBIS has achieved the position of the biggest overseas PQI distributor making significant year-on-year business growth.